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One of the most significant event in a student's life is graduation, a day to bring pride and honor to the family, a day to commemorate the laughter and tears invested to finally reap the harvest of their labour. But graduation isn't the end of learning, for learning is a continuous process. 
We in Panublix would love to be part of this significant milestone in your lives, and so we give you these beautiful graduation stoles that are handmade with love.
Let us show the world that we are proud of who we are and where we came from!
You are a pride of Pilipinas and Panublix congratulates you!
When you buy from us you get:
  • High Quality Hablon Fabric Graduation Stoles
  • Handmade Fabrics by Filipino women
  • To Support and Promote Local Artisans

You may email us at with your chosen design and send us your (a) Quantity, (2) Brand colors, (3) Budget, (4) Date of delivery. We will send back your quotation for your customized hablon graduation stole order. Padayon! 

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