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Every ending also means the beginning of something new. Another page to fill, another chance to make things better. For every graduating batch, one of our partner weaving enterprises makes sure that they will do their part to contribute to this journey. The Salngan Livelihood Multipurpose Cooperative in Oton was founded in 2003 and was established to help give livelihood to the women of Salngan, Oton, Iloilo. They have been trained to continue the tradition of hablon weaving.

Just like our weavers, everyone is also encouraged to weave their own story. Also like our weavers who continue the hablon weaving tradition, may the graduating batch of students also continue to pursue their dreams, carry the lessons of yesterday, the gift of today, and the opportunities of tomorrow.  

  • High Quality Hablon Fabric Graduation Sash
  • Customizable embroideries of emblems, symbols, and letters

You may email us at with your chosen design and send us your (a) Quantity, (2) Brand colors, (3) Budget, (4) Date of delivery. We will send back your quotation for your customized hablon graduation sash order. Padayon! 

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